The Rise of Online Casinos

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Back when I first started playing poker online, I remember how unsure it all felt. Was it legal? Could you trust the website? Today, of course, everything is above board and gaming is fun. In today’s blog, I want to talk about how online casinos evolved over the years to being the safe place to win huge earnings today.

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How it all began

Casinos first raised their heads in cyberspace back in 1994, when ecommerce and microgaming were just picking up. In those early days, it was sites that were licensed in Antigua, Kahnawake territory and Barbuda that began to gain popularity thanks to their employment of cybersecurity for their sites.

Since it was early days yet, these casinos were fairly simplistic, with none of the razzmatazz you’re used to seeing on online gambling sites today. At the same time, not having enough revenue meant that a lot of these online casinos began to take advantage of players, especially beginners, and didn’t grant payouts that were due to players. That made it hard for players to trust these websites and led to a lot of customers just moving away from online gambling as a whole.

Modern Casinos

Even with all of these issues with these sites, I remember hanging in there, trying my hand at various gaming sites to try and see which ones were the best. As a result, I can really see how today’s online casinos are doing a much better job of allaying the fear of their players and making sure their customers are always treated fairly.

Thanks to government licenses that are clearly marked on most online casinos, you know you are playing a game that is legitimate so all of your earnings can be credited to you without landing you into trouble with the authorities. Another great feature of casinos today is you don’t have to have a desktop computer to play. I’d have to frequently ‘take my work home’ to enjoy a quiet game of poker back in the day, without my boss peering over my shoulder. Thankfully today, I can just play it from my mobile phone whenever I feel like it. And let’s not forget they’re hugely affordable today as compared to how much they cost in the ‘90s.

Safety first!

The best way to stay safe with your casino choice is by following top reviewed sites. Thanks to all of the discussion boards and social media discussions today, a scam site is easily exposed, which is why you always know you’re in safe hands. Government regulation and audit firms have also helped greatly to make sure there are no scammers at work, and all players are safe.

With more and more gamers choosing online casinos all across the globe, the industry is gaining a lot of well-deserved popularity and respect. Stay on top of gaming news and discussions, and you’re sure to make the right choice in online casinos, every time. I promise.

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