Progressive jackpot games in an online casino – how they work?

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If you’re looking to strike it rich by playing online and then happily retiring on your winnings, then progressive jackpots are the way forward for you. You can only win so much through an ordinary game of poker, whereas you stand to win a whole lot more through progressive jackpots at online casinos.

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What is a progressive jackpot and why is it a good thing?

A progressive jackpot is one in which your jackpot amount isn’t fixed, but keeps increasing every time you play it. It works by contributing a portion of every wager you place towards your jackpot amount. That’s how your potential payout keeps increasing with every round of gameplay.

While the odds at winning a progressive jackpot are the same as winning any other online casino game, players are still attracted to these games for the high amount of money that it promises as a payout.

Advantages of progressive jackpots

High potential winnings

Your winnings at a progressive jackpot increase to astronomical amounts if the game you are playing is part of a progressive network. This means that there are several players all connected to the same game, who are playing for the same jackpot amount. Therefore, each of their contributions is feeding the jackpot amount.

The thrill of the game

Gambling is basically a game of risk. You either win or you live to see another day. Progressive jackpots offer players the attraction of a huge jackpot with every round they play and just makes the game that much more thrilling.

Disadvantages of progressive jackpots

Tend to be expensive to play

Since certain games need the player to place a maximum bet to win the progressive, you may find that it gets too expensive to play after a while.

Low pay table

A lot of these progressive games do not have a very high pay table and even have lower payout percentages. It may be better for you to just find a game where you can play for a lower jackpot that has a better pay table with higher payout percentages.

In my opinion, I’d choose a progressive jackpot if I had enough time on my hands and a lot of money to invest. Patience is key to playing out a progressive jackpot, especially when you have to hang in there through several rounds of the game. If you keep a track of how much you are betting and have enough in hand to keep going, it’s a pretty fun way to play online. The best part is if you do win, you can get enough money for a comfortable early retirement and even an overseas vacation or two. Give it a spin, you never know what could happen!

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