Online vs Land Based Casinos

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The opportunities of online and land based casinos both seem to present the serious gamer with one thing: the chance to win lots of money! But apart from this, what advantages does one form of gambling have over the other?

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Difference between playing online vs at a land based casino

Here are some of the main differences between online casinos and those that are based on solid ground:

Online casinos means you have more flexibility in when and where you can play

Playing online means you can play from the safety of your home, or even on your mobile phone, without having to make expensive travel arrangements or stay in a hotel, as you would have to do if you were playing at a physical casino. That also means you can play all night or all day, at your convenience, when you need a break from work.

Online casinos offer less of a distraction compared to land based casinos

Physical casinos are designed to make a player easy to distract. Bright lights, pretty hostesses, alcohol – all of these are available to keep a player from focusing on their game. It also interferes with your decision making, and this could lead you to spend more or place higher wagers, when you didn’t mean to.

Land based casinos offer a more social and ostentatious playing environment

On the other hand, the social interaction that land based casinos have to offer are one of their biggest draws over playing online. If you like that sort of thing, you may enjoy playing in the company of others, with free buffets and other cool draws that land based casinos have to offer.

Try out games at no cost

While physical casinos charge players for every game they play, online casinos allow you to try out a game for free. That helps you build gaming experience and is really useful if you are a beginner. Of course, once you reach a certain level of gameplay, you will need to pay to play online.

Which is better for you?

Whether you’re playing in your pajamas or at a fancy hotel, it ultimately boils down to: What’s in it for me? While land based casinos do throw players a lot of freebies like free stay, buffet dinners and tickets to shows, online casinos always have ongoing promotions and bonuses that players can use to increase their winnings. Also, because online casinos have lower operating costs, they are more likely to have bonuses for players for signing up, a better payout rate and a lower house edge. That means a higher jackpot amount for online players.

The bottom line will have to be to go with the casino you are comfortable playing at. Try them both out and see how convenient you find them. And don’t forget to have fun!

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