How To Identify a Rogue Casino?

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Rogue casinos are every online casino players worst nightmare. They’re the ones who will rip you off, steal your personal information and, in some cases, even blackmail you with it. While most online casinos are not rogue, and are clean places to play in, as a newbie it may be easy for you to get confused and misled. Follow these easy steps to identify and stay away from rogue casinos.

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Look up the name of the casino

Whenever you come across a new casino online, do your own homework. Take a look at what other players have to say about it, see if it has any online reviews and see if anyone has given it a negative rating in the past. Just add the word ‘rogue’ to the name of the casino when you are entering the text into a search engine to see if you get any hits in the results.

Check out the site

This can include even taking a closer look at the casino’s name. A lot of rogue casinos fleece unwitting players by choosing names for their site that are similar to popular online casinos that are trusted by players. Be extremely wary of similar sounding casino names and do your independent research to figure out which is the one that you can trust, and which is the one you definitely need to stay away from.

Read through the website content

Take a look at the site’s content and check to see if it is copied from another source. Rogue casinos will often stoop to cheap tactics such as copying the content from another site. You should also take a look at which software provider the site uses, where they are licensed and which company sponsors them. These questions are key to understanding if your casino is trustworthy or not.

Peruse their terms and conditions

Make sure the casino you choose has bonuses that all check out and are above board. Don’t get sucked in by awesome looking deals that have hidden clauses. Get a copy of everything they offer you in print. Follow all legal regulations when you play and make sure that the casino is following the rules, also.

Customer support

Tinkering around with live chat is a fun way to figure out if the casino is rogue or legit. The customer care rep on live chat should be able to answer your questions about the online casino. In the case of rogue casinos, the live chat is mainly there to offer you bogus bonuses instead of trying to answer real questions with answers that can help. This can even include simple questions like why the casino is named the way it is.

Follow these easy steps to choose casinos that you can trust so you can enjoy a clean game with your payouts!

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