Deposit Methods Available at Online Casinos

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Being able to successfully deposit money into your online casino account is going to determine if you are going to continue playing at the place or not. Since this is something you will regularly have to do if you plan to play on an ongoing basis, you need to figure out your deposit methods options well in advance. Lucky for you, I’ve listed them all out here to make it easy for you!

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NETeller used to be the most widely used payment option for the US online casino market right up till 2005, when it was responsible for up to 80% of all online gambling transactions. This came to a brief halt when the US DoJ stepped in and fined NETeller heavily. As of now, NETeller operates mostly in European markets and is not so much prevalent in US markets, but continues to be one of the trusted deposit methods even today.

Moneybookers / Skrill

Moneybookers is a leading rival to NETeller, having been established in 2001 in the UK. It is today being rebranded as Skrill, and is one of the foremost deposit method options, and is connected to even more sites that NETeller used to be associated with.


PayPal is a widely used payment option across the globe and is also highly trusted. Having said that, it may be that Ebay wants to keep its company’s image out of trouble from the US government, and so PayPal is not so easy to find on all online casinos. Wherever you can find it, though, it’s a pretty safe deposit method option to consider using.


UKash is an online voucher system developed for the UK and certain other markets and makes use of 19 digit PIN codes. It is also a popular way to deposit cash.


This is an Austria based online voucher system similar to UKash, which makes use of 16 digit PIN codes.


Visa has always been the number one credit card option throughout the world and remains so in the case of the online gambling industry. A Visa is less likely to be declined online and can be used in several online casinos.


Even though Mastercard transactions are more susceptible to getting declined when compared to Visa deposit methods, it still continues to be a leading rival to Visa and a major choice with online players.


American Express is one of the credit companies that has high standards in terms of which companies it will do business with. If you find an online casino that offers Amex as a deposit option, you know that the site must be authentic.

Wire transfer

Online bank transfers, or wire transfers, continue to be one of the most easy and convenient deposit methods.

My personal preference is to use my Visa card online, but you should choose a deposit option that works well for you.

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